Radiance of Innovation: Inaugurating a New Era of the Pepsi Brand

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Shine of Innovation: Unveiling a New Era of the Pepsi Brand

There is a famous saying: “Welcome by clothes, see by mind”. The importance of a logo in creating a first impression and trusting potential customers is undeniable.

Tuesday, March 28, Pepsi unveiled its new logo, which the American beverage company said symbolizes a new era for the brand. The new logo will debut in North America this fall, with a global launch expected next year. The new design is reminiscent of the 90s version, but with modern elements, font and color changes.

For the first time in 14 years, Pepsi is revisiting its logo and branding as part of the company's growth strategy, according to information from parent company PepsiCo . The main colors of the new logo are black and blue. PepsiCo explains that black highlights the brand's commitment to the Zero Sugar strategy. The classic style uses standard techniques, such as lettering and symbols, reflecting the history of the brand and the specifics of its work. The font is easy to read.

The presentation of the new logo and corporate identity was planned for the 125th anniversary of the Pepsi brand. The company strives to create brands that tell stories, and Pepsi is an example of a brand that has continued to innovate for 125 years.

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