Putin weighed in on the late Prigozhin


Putin balanced spoke about the late Prigozhin

Putin gave a balanced assessment of Prigozhin as the founder of Wagner PMC. He made mistakes and carried out the requests of the president. Some analysts believe that Yevgeny is alive.

Putin described Prigozhin's life path as difficult, writes xrust. Mistakes were part of his fate. He worked for himself, not forgetting the common cause. The latter has been demonstrated in recent months.

Putin called Prigozhin a talented person. These qualities were manifested in the business, which also covered abroad. The clearest example is Africa. Yesterday he returned from there, met with a number of officials, the president added.

Putin, talking about Prigogine, expressed his condolences to the ten families who suffered the loss of the plane crash. However, not a single word, the press writes, confirmed Prigozhin's death.

The press is full of speculation as to the causes of the crash, many believe that Prigozhin is alive. Last Thursday, the Pentagon, commenting on the event, said that the head of the PMC was probably dead. Military experts are leaning towards an explosion on board.

Other news. Prigozhin's plane is there. Fukushima water is here. Uterine transplant — click here.

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