Piercing in intimate places and its consequences



Every girl dreams of surprising not only her loved one, but also her friends. Piercing in an intimate place is a novelty of the present time. Scientists have found that many people who have a piercing and experience discomfort do not go to the doctor to have it removed. This leads to various diseases and irritations on the skin.

Problems faced by those who decided to get piercings in an intimate place

The sensitivity of the nipples of the breast has sharply decreased.

Irritation on the skin.

The appearance of infections.

Problems with urination.

The sensitivity of the penis decreases by thirty-one percent.

Doctors are most concerned about problems with urination. Professor Carlo Caliendo asks everyone who decides to get a piercing to think carefully about whether such an earring is worth the potential problems.

Katie French is a sexual health specialist. She advises that anyone getting intimate piercings should use a licensed professional. In addition, it is worth considering the possibility that such decoration can lead to an unwanted pregnancy. For example, an earring can break a condom.

Experts have found that following the fashion for decorating intimate parts, people turn to beauty salons, where cosmetologists who do not have a medical education work. Also, all sanitary standards and safety rules are not always observed.

Researchers at one of the American universities conducted an experiment where students with both piercings and tattoos took part. Almost a quarter of them had infectious diseases, purulent inflammation and bleeding. In addition, you can become infected with viral infections, such as hepatitis.

One of the organizers of this experiment was amazed that the students did not think about sterility and cleanliness. They performed procedures under absolutely unacceptable conditions. Facing the consequences is much more dangerous than having jewelry on your body.

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