Peace talks in Ukraine without Russia in Jeddah


Negotiations on peace in Ukraine without Russia in Jeddah

Negotiations on peace in Ukraine ended last Sunday in Saudi Arabia. Russia, absent there, destroyed the port facilities of the Ukrainians.

The talks held on Sunday in Jeddah brought together 40 countries, including India, China, and the United States. However, writes xrust, journalists joked about the format, which did not provide for the presence of the hero of the occasion — Russia.

Ukraine and its allies positioned the event as an attempt to put together an international team that supports Kyiv's initiative. In other words, to incline the community towards peace according to Ukraine. Onaya suggests a widespread withdrawal of Russian troops.

Zelensky said he intends to organize a global summit before the end of the year to promote these principles. However, the outcome of the current meeting was the recognition of the importance of consultations, and the Europeans proposed to create committees for each problem.

Analysts, commenting on the results, remind that the front is engulfed in clashes, against which such events look unpromising. The Zelensky administration, however, called the talks productive, and the Russian Foreign Ministry called it absurd. After all, we were talking without Russia.

Other news. Another electric pickup is here. Fire trucks are here. Toys from Bashkiria — there.

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