Oleic acid increases lifespan

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Oleic acid increases lifespan

A group of scientists from the Stanford School of Medicine found evidence that monounsaturated fatty acids contribute to an increase in life expectancy. The conclusions drawn from the experiment are described in an article in the journal Nature Cell Biology.

Experts have found in the course of research that oleic acid helps protect cell membranes from oxidative damage.

Experiments performed with worms Caenorhabditis elegans found that oleic acid made worms live 35% longer than worms that didn't.

Which foods are high in oleic acid? Olive oil is the main source of oleic acid. People sitting on a child and not only should include olive oil in their usual daily diet. Oleic acid is also found in large quantities in grape seed oil, poppy seeds, sesame and sea buckthorn oils. Additionally, oleic acid is found in the following foods: cod liver, herring, lard, peanut butter, beans and cocoa, turkey, beef liver, linseed oil. Note that the presence of a large amount of oleic acid is characteristic of the Mediterranean diet. Read more about this diet here

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