Niger refused to restore the president and closed the sky


Niger refused to restore the president and closed the sky

Niger on Sunday closed the airspace. The reason was the refusal of the rebels to return to the presidency. Military wary of foreign intervention.

Niger will not return the ousted president, the military who carried out the coup said. Their decision was supported by supporters gathered at the capital's stadium. Thousands of people demanded not to succumb to external pressure.

Coup, writes xrust, the richest region in terms of oil and uranium reserves, which is also considered the poorest. China, the USA, Europe, and Russia are connected with the bowels of the country. The defense ministries of the countries of the Economic Community have already agreed on a plan of action if the rebels do not regain presidential power. A deadline has also been set.

Analysts state that two countries have deployed troops to the borders of Niger. The past week was marked by a break in military cooperation with France, which deployed 1,500 troops in Niger. Neighboring Mali, Burkina Faso stand ready to protect Nigerians.

On Sunday, Italy said it had reduced its troop levels in Niger to make room at its military base for Italian citizens who may need protection if security deteriorates.
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