New Generation Dentistry: Alexander Gorbachev Clinic in Krasnogorsk

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New generation dentistry: Alexander Gorbachev's clinic in Krasnogorsk

Modern dentistry does not stand still. The Alexander Gorbachev Dental Clinic in Krasnogorsk, available at, is a prime example of how science and technology can work for the benefit of patients' health.

What is the Alexander Gorbachev Clinic?

The Alexander Gorbachev Dental Clinic is a modern medical facility offering a full range of dental services. The clinic uses advanced methods of treatment and diagnostics, while paying special attention to the comfort of patients.

Advantages of the clinic

Modern equipment.

The clinic is equipped with the latest technologies and equipment, which allows conduct effective and safe treatment.

Qualified staff.

The doctors of the clinic are high-class professionals who constantly improve their skills.

Individual approach.

Each patient is given maximum attention in the clinic, an individual treatment plan is created that takes into account all the characteristics of the body.

Comfortable conditions.

The clinic is designed in such a way that patients feel comfortable and calm during the visit. The atmosphere here is friendly and cozy.

How to make an appointment

To make an appointment at the Alexander Gorbachev Dental Clinic, just follow the link fill out a special form. You can also call and make an appointment using the phone number listed on the website. The clinic team will do everything possible to make the meeting convenient for you.

Additional services

In addition to general dentistry, the Alexander Gorbachev clinic also offers a number of specialized services, including:


Correction of discrepancies between teeth and jaws using braces and caps.


Placement of dental implants to replace missing teeth.


Treating gum disease and maintaining periodontal health.

Aesthetic dentistry:

Services aimed at improving the appearance of your smile , including teeth whitening and veneers.

Entrusting the care of your smile

In the end, choosing a dental clinic is not only a matter of comfort and convenience, but also trust. The doctors of the Alexander Gorbachev Clinic in Krasnogorsk value the trust of their patients and strive to provide them with the best care and results. Come and see for yourself!


Alexander Gorbachev Dental Clinic in Krasnogorsk is an excellent choice for everyone who is looking for high quality dental services. Here, each patient receives an attentive attitude, and each is offered an individual approach to the treatment and care of the oral cavity. The clinic team consists of experienced specialists who are ready to apply the latest technologies and techniques to ensure the health and comfort of patients.

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