New drug developed for Alzheimer's disease

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Alzheimer's drug developed

In Tokyo, at the scientific center of Juntendo University, research has been successfully carried out, thanks to which a vaccine against Alzheimer's disease has been developed.

In Alzheimer's disease, protein deposits accumulate in the brain tissues. The drug, developed by scientists, effectively reduces the formation of protein aggregates, as was shown by the conducted analyzes on preclinical models. -bolezni-alcgejmera-23df4f7.jpg» alt=»A drug against Alzheimer's disease has been developed» />

The study was carried out on mice, when the vaccine was used in mice, the amount of beta-amyloid deposits, which is associated with the development of dementia, was actively reduced. Vaccination contributed to the fact that the rodents became less anxious, more adapted, reduced inflammatory factors that protect the brain from aging.
As Professor Chie-Long Xiao explains: “The vaccine, acting on activated microglia, removes toxic proteins, and ultimately eliminates behavioral disorders that occur in Alzheimer's disease.

This drug is unique, but it will have to undergo a series of clinical trials before it can be used in hospitals. Earlier we wrote why «larks» live longer than «owls», about this here

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