NATO offers Ukraine security guarantees


NATO offers Ukraine security guarantees

NATO ended the summit with security promises to Ukraine, and Biden, constantly falling and tangled up, accused Putin of lust for land and power.

NATO, the most powerful military structure, offered Ukraine new security guarantees last Wednesday, writes xrust. The promises were made after a Tuesday statement by Zelensky, who was indignant that the alliance had bypassed the issues of an invitation or a schedule for the entry of the Independent into the organization. However, members of the G7 stood in the way, proposing to start bilateral negotiations regarding the provision of military financial assistance to the republic. The bitter pill was sweetened with promises of intelligence and promises to intervene immediately after another Russian attack.

Closing the summit, Biden threatened Putin, who, as the American president believes, underestimates NATO's resolve. Zelensky picked up the White House owner's optimistic notes, saying: we have received unprecedented and practical support.

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