«Napoleon» with Joaquin Phoenix was awarded a rating (18+)


Napoleon with Joaquin Phoenix om awarded the rating (18+)

The film by British director Ridley Scott will tell about the life of Napoleon from serving as an artillery officer to taking off and falling from the imperial throne, part of the plot will be devoted to the relationship of the protagonist with Empress Josephine. The film will run for two hours and 37 minutes.

Joker star Joaquin Phoenix, Vanessa Kirby (Mission Impossible) and Tahar Rahim (Prophet) played the main characters in the historical drama.

The South Korean rating agency rated the historical action film Napoleon and gave it an R (18) rating for the abundance of very violent scenes of violence and bloodshed, the «explicit depiction» of sex and nudity. +). According to film critic Jordan Rumi, the film will also receive an adult rating in the US.

World and US premieres of «Napoleon» are scheduled for 22 November. What Napoleon Bonaparte said about love, women and wealth, here

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