Named the main condition for preserving youth

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Named the main condition for preserving youth

To maintain youth after 30 years, first of all, you need to lose weight. Getting rid of extra pounds is the first thing you should do if you want to look young for many years. This main condition was told by the therapist, nutritionist Regina Akhunyanova.

According to the nutritionist, overweight visually adds age. To avoid this, the doctor recommends reconsidering your diet. The nutritionist has listed the ideal foods that will help preserve youth. Akhunyanova recommends including 300 grams of vegetables, three fruits, protein in each meal and three tablespoons of unrefined oil in the daily diet. As the specialist explains, the right fats have a positive effect on the skin, hormones and maintain normal cholesterol levels.

Also, one should not forget about physical activity — at least 150 minutes a week should be given to sports. As the doctor explains, after 30 years, muscle mass begins to decrease, if there is no physical activity, then excess fat will appear. All this has a negative effect on hormones, immunity, body strength and energy levels.

Previously, the staff of Harvard University compiled a formula for maintaining youth for women: rest for at least seven hours a day, moisturize the face, use sunglasses and exercise . Nutritionists from the United States named foods that you need to eat at night to lose weight while you sleep, about it here

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