Mutiny — an afterword to Prigozhin's raid


Rebellion – afterword to Prigozhin's raid

The mutiny, which shocked the Russian inhabitants, also stirred the West. As for Ukraine, they were simply stunned and belated in launching an offensive.

The rebellion has already been forgotten by the Russian press, writes xrust. The morning news bypasses the events of the weekend. Only professional analysts continue to talk about how everything happened.

Attention is drawn to the fact that a well-known person did not start a raid on Moscow, removing troops directly from the front line. It waited for the withdrawal for further formation. His activities at this time were not covered. However, it turns out that Western intelligence was aware of the raid a couple of weeks before. It is alleged that the relevant structures informed the White House.

It turns out that the speakers did not expose the front lines. Entering Rostov, they did not paralyze the city. The network has been circulating videos where the head of the PMC is talking to the Deputy Minister of Defense, then to the leaders of the Southern District. Quite friendly faces, you can not see the tension. The leader of the rebels says that he needs to personally talk with the Minister of Defense.

Let us note that, going to Rostov from the camps, the rebels were not stopped by the border guards, no one prevented them from advancing not only to Rostov, but even further. All that local authorities did in other regions was to dig roads with excavators. Even Moscow defended itself by setting up roadblocks — armored personnel carriers, supplemented by sandbags. How the rebels dealt with such obstacles, the governors reported — they simply moved out of the way.

An interesting moment is the absence of emergency fees for officials for meetings. Not a single structure was marked by efficiency. At least the press did not notice this.

It seems that the raid, which ended a couple of hundred kilometers from Moscow, was staged. In a number of publications, this word was heard long before the finale.

The purpose of such riots, some analysts suggest, was the president's desire to test the power vertical. The correctness of the assumption will be confirmed/refuted by further events. The purge that has begun at the top will confirm it.

The West states that the power vertical is covered with cracks. However, the rebellion, which ended in a couple of days, with virtually no bloodshed, indicates the opposite.

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