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Most often, the desire to lose weight occurs in women under the influence of emotions. The motivation for losing weight arises when we are offended by a sideways glance on the street or the whisper of girlfriends gloatingly talking behind your back — how she has grown fat. When the husband begins to be silent and linger at work, making excuses with a mountain of cases. When you don't fit into clothes you bought just a couple of months ago and so on. There are many reasons and they are different for everyone.

So many problems!

And if there are no questions about the reasons why you decided to lose weight, any woman will immediately answer why she wants to do this, then problems begin. Eight out of ten women decide to lose weight under the pressure of emotions and zealously get down to business, but never achieve a result. Why don’t even the most serious motivations for weight loss work and women quit without finishing the job, sometimes stop at the very beginning of the journey? Let's see where the problems are hiding.

Motivation for weight loss

The first and most important thing is that you cannot go on a strict, draconian diet in one day. You won't be long enough. The body is used to getting a certain amount of food, and having sharply reduced the usual diet, you will have to be so hard that you quit without achieving a result. When the stomach is at the throat 24 hours a day, it is somehow problematic to prove to yourself that you do not want to eat.

What to do with food?

Do not chase fashion and grab all the newfangled diets. You are not a test bench. It needs to be easier. I give an example. Let's say you have 800 g of food three times a day — morning, afternoon and evening. Take 75-80% of your diet and divide into more meals. Eat every 3 hours. Get up at 7 and have breakfast. Come to work and just drink yogurt at 10 am if you don't have time to eat something more serious. At 13 you have lunch and at 16 you have an afternoon snack. At 19 — at home — have dinner. You say that you can not eat after 18? It is forbidden. But that's how many stories I have already heard about how women do not eat after 18, but eat after 22! Just because you want to eat and no motivation for losing weight helps.

But in such a system there is one important point, if you have already eaten at 4 o'clock and you are not so hungry — how much will you eat? Yes, and I am not suggesting that you eat starchy foods or sweets. Boiled chicken or fish. Vegetables, fruits, cottage cheese. What is the upshot? You don't starve or go crazy because you can't eat something while others are eating. Isn't that better than starving yourself and quitting halfway through? Are you afraid it won't help? Then you can add some kind of weight loss activator so that the effect is not so slow, although only on what I described, you can lose 2-4 kg per month.

Of those drugs that have the least contraindications and consist of natural ingredients, I personally liked Fitoslim Active. It starts working immediately and does not give any side effects. It's not all about diets and nutrition.

Knowing perfectly well that carbohydrates are the main supplier of excess weight, you begin to destroy them like a class. Completely exclude carbohydrates from the diet, forgetting that if you completely abandon carbohydrates, this will lead to drastic metabolic disorders. It will be very difficult to cure it. Even if you are not engaged in heavy physical labor, the body needs 400-500 g of carbohydrates per day. You can reduce this amount, but you can’t completely refuse! Do you not understand why you just shake when you see a bun? And this happens because having deprived yourself of carbohydrates, you did not think that the body needs them every day.

What to do? Calculate the calorie content of your menu and, every day, in the morning, eat one bun. If you do not strictly limit yourself, but only regulate what and when to eat, then it will be much easier and easier to lose weight without putting yourself in a lot of stress. Your motivation to lose weight will never go away because you won't torture yourself with what you can't. You can, but at the right time.

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