Mastering the Art of Makeup: Teenage Trends and Simple Rules


Mastering the Art of Makeup: Teenage Trends and Simple Rules

Teen Makeup: Starting with the Basics

The most important thing about teen makeup is skill emphasize the natural beauty and maintain a healthy appearance of the skin. Start with the following steps:

  • Cleaning the skin. Make sure your skin is clean and moisturized before applying makeup.
  • Gentle foundation or BB cream. This is ideal for teenagers as they are usually lightweight and won't clog pores.
  • Simple shades. Instead of heavy, saturated colors, opt for natural, light shades.

Among current trends in makeup for teenagers, you should pay attention to the following:

  • «No-makeup» makeup. This trend is aimed at emphasizing natural beauty.
  • A bright accent on the lips or eyes. It can be neon eyeliner or bright lipstick.
  • Lip gloss. Glitter returns, especially transparent or sparkling.

Makeup rules for teens: what to look for

Makeup for adolescents especially require a subtle approach. Remember these important rules:

  • Less is more. For adolescence, the most important thing is to emphasize natural beauty, and not drown it out with excessive makeup.
  • Skin care comes first. Before experimenting with makeup at all, you need to make sure you have proper skincare in place.
  • Experimentation is allowed, but in moderation. Makeup is a wonderful way to express yourself. But it is important to remember about age and not to abuse bright and heavy looks.

Makeup trends are constantly changing and teenagers are usually at the forefront of these changes. Here are some key trends for this year:

  • E-girl makeup. It combines classic punk with modern social media influences and features bright colors, glitter and a graphic eyeliner.
  • Sparkly makeup. Gloss for lips, eyelids and even eyebrows is one of the main trends among teenagers this year.
  • Multicolor mascaras. From blue to pink, the vibrant mascara on the lashes creates a unique and fun look.
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