Mars is spinning faster, US lander has discovered


Mars rotates faster, US lander detects

Mars has changed its rotation speed, NASA's InSight spacecraft has installed. The parameter was compared with the previous values ​​recorded at the time of landing.

Mars, which has now sheltered the InSight ship of retirement age, has revealed another secret. It turns out that 900 days ago, when the module first sat down, it rotated somewhat more slowly. Special equipment contributed to the discovery, writes xrust.

Now it is known that the planet accelerates its rotation by 4 milliseconds of arc annually. In general, the Martian day is 40 minutes longer than the Earth day. The recorded acceleration is incredibly small, and the reasons have not been explained. However, scientists suggest that the leading factor is the migration of moisture to the poles. It is this change in the center of mass that causes acceleration.

The InSight mission — believed to have started in November 2018, when the module touched the surface of Mars — scientists thought it would last a couple of years. However, then NASA added a couple more. The project was finally closed in December 2022, when the transmitters fell silent. After all, the solar panels were covered with dust.

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