Let's cook a rooster on a stick


Let's cook a rooster on a stick< /p>
Which of us did not like in childhood such an affordable delicacy as a cockerel on a stick. Cockerel on a stick is a traditional Russian lollipop. Do you know why the cockerel is called «lollipop», but because in appearance this sweetness is as transparent and as hard as ice.
Cooking lollipops will take you a maximum of 15 minutes, and cooling the finished product for another half an hour. A special form for the preparation of this sweet is not required. With a minimum of costs, you will get maximum pleasure for your child!

— sugar — 10 tbsp;
— water — 5 tbsp;
— citric acid — a pinch or 1 tablespoon of wine vinegar;
— vegetable oil for lubricating the form;
— sticks or skewers
Note that always, the ratio of sugar and liquid should be 2: 1. Water should only moisten the sugar .


Pour water into a saucepan, add sugar and citric acid.
Cook over low heat, stirring slowly. When the mixture turns caramel in color, remove from heat.
We check the readiness of the caramel mass by dropping a drop into cold water. If the drop hardens, then the syrup is ready.
Pour the prepared hot syrup into the prepared form, greased with vegetable oil. After a few seconds, insert the sticks into the mold. Place the molds in a cool place. In about half an hour, the cockerels are ready.

If you do not have a special form, you can use silicone molds designed for making chocolate, or metal molds in the form of mushrooms or nuts, and you can also use assorted chocolate candy molds. If you do not have any forms, then simply pour the finished caramel in the form of circles on parchment paper greased with vegetable oil. How to make brigadeiro chocolates, read here

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