Learn to say «no» to girls!


Learn to say no to girls!

The success of a man depends only on his self-esteem. If he considers himself a nonentity, then only a lover of losers who likes to feel sorry for such people will lead to him. I hope you are not such people.

But if you are a strong, self-confident person, then you will definitely be in demand among women. In practice, all men are divided into two types: the first — they react sharply to insulting remarks from a woman, but do not react in any way to such remarks from men; the second type is indifferent to any remarks, they only care about sex.

Any person will need to make a choice in this life: not to miss a single skirt or to consistently meet with one girl (does not mean that all his life, because you can change girls every 2 months and be faithful only to her alone).

If you understand what you need from this life and choose the second path, then your main task is to filter everyone and give yourself only to the best. Learn to say the word “no” to girls when the moment is decided — your principles or her.

Only in this way will women feel that you are strong and principled and will respect you for it. However, not only women, but also men.

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