Learn to Program with Python in 30 Days


Learn to Program with Python in 30 Days

Xrust is happy to help you learn Python! Here is the monthly plan. Please note that sometimes more practice time or additional assignments may be required. Every day we will post tutorials for 30 days.
At the end of the month-long training from Xrust, you will master the basics of Python, learn how to program, work with various data types, functions, modules and OOP, and also be able to create simple projects.
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Week 1: Python Basics

1. Day 1: Introduction to Python, installing and setting up a development environment (such as Python and Visual Studio Code or PyCharm)
2. Day 2: Python syntax basics, variables, data types (strings, numbers, booleans)
3. Day 3: Operators (arithmetic, comparisons, logical) and branching (if, elif, else)
4. Day 4: Loops (for, while) and basic string operations
5. Day 5: Lists, tuples and basic operations with them

Week 2: Functions and modules

1. Day 6: Introduction to functions, defining functions, calling functions, parameters and return values
2. Day 7: Variable scopes, local and global variables
3. Day 8: Introduction to modules, importing modules, Python
4 standard library. Day 9: Working with files: reading, writing, editing text files
5. Day 10: Handling errors and exceptions: try, except, finally

Week 3: Working with data

1. Day 11: Sets and dictionaries, basic operations with them
2. Day 12: Working with dates and times: the datetime
module3. Day 13: JSON basics, serialization and deserialization
4. Day 14: API basics and the requests
5 library. Day 15: Practice: Creating a simple project using the API

Week 4: OOP and advanced topics

1. Day 16: Introduction to object-oriented programming (OOP), classes and objects
2. Day 17: Inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation in OOP
3. Day 18: Working with regular expressions: module re
4. Day 19: Introduction to generators and iterators
5. Day 20: Final project: creating a simple project that combines the topics learned and practical skills
6. Day 21: Working on the final project: planning and structuring the code
7. Day 22: Work on the final project: implementation of the functionality
8. Day 23: Working on the final project: testing and debugging the code
9. Day 24: Working on the final project: finalizing and optimizing the code
10. Day 25: Working on the final project: final code review and learning wrap-up

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