Julia Peresild celebrates anniversary with actor Troinik


Yulia Peresild celebrates anniversary with actor Troinik

The romance between Yulia Peresild and Mikhail Troinik began on June 17 last year. Celebrities met on the set of the film «The Challenge». According to the plot, the actors played a married couple. During filming, on-screen feelings grew into real ones. And now the lovers are already celebrating the anniversary of the first date. In honor of this event, Julia posted a series of photos with her beloved man on her personal blog.

Under the photos, 38-year-old Yulia confessed her love for her lover: “Misha, today is a year since our first date. Just a year, or wow, a whole year. I don’t want to think of anything, except for one thing — let it be just as interesting for us together, difficult, controversial, funny, but always interesting. I am Cha Liu.”

It should be noted that Yulia has never been married, although she is raising two daughters, 14-year-old Anna and 10-year-old Maria. The girls have their mother's surname Peresild, and their father is the Russian film director Alexei Uchitel.

Yulia's chosen one, Mikhail Troinik, is 35 years old, he has never been married, and has more than 15 films in his filmography. Anna Kournikova does not want to marry Iglesias, about it here

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