Japan to start dumping water from Fukushima on August 24


Japan will start dumping water from Fukushima on August 24

Japan announced last Tuesday that it intends to start dumping water from Fukushima on August 24th. It is planned to release more than a million ton-meters into the ocean.

A couple of years ago, Japan decided at the government level to decommission a nuclear power plant owned by Tokyo Electric Power. Discharge of water is the first stage of its repayment, writes xrust. Opponents of the operation were local fishermen, who feared loss of reputation and livelihood. After all, buyers will be afraid to buy their fish swimming in radioactive water.

The start of the dump was confirmed by the Japanese prime minister. The news spread after the Cabinet announced that the fishing industry is not opposed, although local artels are very worried. They are promised government support even if traces of radioactivity are found after ten years.

In general, the government claims that the dump is safe. Officials cite the IAEA, the UN, which agreed on the event, saying that the impact is expected to be negligible.

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