Infrared sauna. Benefits and contraindications

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  1. Infrared sauna myths and reality
  2. What is the effect based on
  3. Why is not every infrared sauna real
  4. Influence on the body
  5. How to use
  6. Contraindications

Infrared sauna. Benefits and contraindications

Infrared sauna: myths and reality

Infrared saunas are becoming increasingly popular, but as with everything new, the attitude towards them is extraordinary: someone enthusiastically talks about the miraculous effect, others warily retell horror stories about unknown radiation. Let's try to figure out what to expect from the infrared sauna, and what to fear.

What is the effect based on

In fact, infrared radiation is thermal radiation, exactly the same as what we can feel from a stove or a central heating radiator, so it is absolutely safe for humans. Infrared radiation is capable of heating the human body, due to which the effects are achieved, which we will discuss below. Proper infrared saunas use ceramic emitters designed in such a way that 90% of the energy goes directly to the human body. In this way, infrared saunas differ significantly from ordinary baths and saunas, in which the air is initially heated, and only then the heated air warms the person. Therefore, the temperature in the infrared sauna is in the range of 37-47°C, and oxygen is not burned. In milder conditions (lower air temperature, more oxygen saturation and less humidity), body heating and perspiration in an infrared sauna are higher than in traditional ones, which makes its range of applications wider.

Why not every infrared sauna is real

However, not in every device called «infrared sauna» you can get similar conditions and effects. The fact is that manufacturers use three types of heaters: metal, quartz and ceramic. Metal elements are not only the most inefficient, they have to be heated 1.5-2 times more, so they are also dangerous with electromagnetic radiation. Quartz heaters are safer, but they also release a lot of energy into the air, and the healing effect of the sauna is significantly reduced. The most modern and efficient today are ceramic heaters, mainly produced in Russia and South Korea.

Effect on the body

Heat emitted by infrared heaters, deeply warms the body and contributes to:

— relaxation and stretching of ligaments and muscles;

— reduction of pain;

— improvement of blood circulation;

— activating the cardiovascular system;

— toning the immune system;

— increasing the speed of metabolic processes.

Warming up in an infrared sauna relieves tension, eliminates congestion in the bloodstream, improves blood supply to all internal organs, which stimulates metabolic processes. A session in the infrared sauna is a kind of gymnastics for the vessels — a passive training of the cardiovascular system.

Deep heat activates the work of the kidneys and the excretory system — active sweating helps to remove toxins, toxins, heavy metals, salts and liquids that are unnecessary for the body. Studies have shown that, unlike a traditional bath, when sweating caused by infrared heat, less water is released, but various harmful substances are 2-3 times more.

Infrared sauna has an excellent effect on the skin — deeply pores are cleansed, obsolete, dead surface particles are gently removed.

Just do not count on losing weight solely with the help of an infrared sauna. Yes, of course, part of the fluid is lost during the session, but the body will quickly restore this loss. Infrared sauna can be used as a good addition to diet and physical activity due to the effects of accelerating metabolism and cleansing the body.

How to use

As in any wellness When using an infrared sauna, it is not so much the intensity that is important, but the regularity.

The session lasts about 30-40 minutes at a temperature of 37-47 ° C, before starting the procedure, the temperature in the booth should be at least 35 ° C, and the humidity should not exceed 40-45%. In the first 8-10 minutes, the body is preheated, sweating is low. The next 10-12 minutes there is profuse sweating due to the removal of subcutaneous fluid. At the third stage, for another 7-10 minutes, sweating decreases and there is an active heating of the internal organs. The fourth stage begins after the session and lasts 5-8 minutes, while a certain amount of accumulated heat is released and sweating may increase somewhat.

You should not conduct a session on a full stomach — it will be too difficult for the internal organs to deal with digestion in conditions of heating. It is categorically unacceptable to take alcohol — it is too risky for the heart. Regarding drinking, trust your body: you don’t need to drink more than you want, but you shouldn’t limit yourself to drinking in order to lose weight.


In principle, any relatively healthy person who does not have serious chronic diseases can use an infrared sauna. However, if you are seeing a doctor, you should definitely consult with him.

Absolute contraindications for visiting infrared saunas are diseases in which any heating is harmful:

— Purulent processes in acute stages;

– Any tumor diseases (good — or malignant) and suspicion of them;

– Diseases accompanied by fever;

– Infectious and parasitic diseases (heat can create an environment favorable for the reproduction of infections, bacilli, parasites, etc.), including tuberculosis;

— Serious vein diseases;

— Persistent high blood pressure ;

You should not visit the infrared sauna if you have doubts, prejudices or any concerns.

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