Huawei will switch to Chinese chips in 5G smartphones


Huawei will switch to Chinese chips in 5G smartphones

Huawei Technologies intends to continue producing 5G smartphones until the end of 2023. Blocking the foreign chip market at the initiative of the United States is not effective.

Huawei will start buying locally produced 5G chips, writes xrust. The Chinese have firms involved in the design of electronics, there are also enterprises implementing digital projects. Among them is Semiconductor Manufacturing of the international format.

The return of 5G phones to the market, analysts write, means the victory of this segment of electronics, which has been literally surviving for the third year already. Thus, Huawei's revenue, which reached $67 billion in 2020, fell by half in 2021.

The giant from Shenzhen once competed with Apple, Samsung, but in 2019 the US deprived the company of access to chips. The US and European governments have called Huawei a company that threatens their security. Today, Huawei releases limited batches of 5G smartphones using a limited number of chips.

Stuck in the 4G market, Huawei lost its top spot in the rankings last year, but continues to lead the Chinese market. First quarter sales even grew by 10%.

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