How to use ice to increase the comfort of guests at a holiday on a hot day

In summer, festive events are often held against the backdrop of high air temperatures. Guests are gathered not only in the open air, but also traditionally — indoors. To improve the comfort of pastime, various measures are being taken. Including do not forget to buy ice drinks. Products are supplied by specialized companies, they differ in the caliber of ice crystals, and they can be ordered in the required quantities.

Beautiful cooling

For the preparation of drinks, it is recommended to use fine ice «frappe». He showed himself especially well as an integral part of cocktails from a shaker. During shaking, the entire drink is cooled at once.

Larger pieces (cubes or spheres) are ideal for dipping to the bottom of a glass filled with ready-to-drink. Cooling starts from the bottom layers. When drinking the contents of a glass, the taste buds of guests receive a whole range of sensations — from room temperature to icy coolness. By the way, in this way you protect those invited from the risk of catching a cold.


During the holidays, it is important to ensure people's safety. And this issue also applies to ice products. Especially the so-called dry ice. They like to add it to pools. You need to understand how it works:

  • When in contact with water, carbon dioxide is released from the product, which is physically heavier than oxygen (about 1.5 times).
  • Oxygen will rise up .
  • A prolonged lack of oxygen makes it impossible to breathe freely.

Therefore, dry ice can only be used in open spaces (in outdoor pools, not indoors). Also, do not forget to ask the supplier if it is possible to rent isothermal containers for storing the ice product throughout the event.

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