How to quickly remove the stomach

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You can quickly remove the stomach by fasting, using an enema or a laxative. But with exactly the same speed, the belly will return as soon as you dine a couple of times without changing your eating habits. After all, only water and intestinal contents quickly leave. If you decide to remove the stomach forever, you need to gradually switch to a special diet, increase physical activity and be sure to take professional weight loss complexes.

Why is a special drug needed? But you don't want to slow down your metabolism, lose your beauty and youth, do you? And any violent restriction in food will lead to this. Natural complex remedies give the body of a losing weight person everything they need and ensure the normal functioning of all systems and organs. With them, you will much easier endure the rejection of harmful products, which still do not bring any benefit, except for the feeling of fullness in the stomach.

How to quickly reduce the stomach

I offer you a special diet that will gradually remove the «bloating» of the abdomen:

  • The first ten days.During this time, the intestines will be cleansed, its uninterrupted work will be adjusted. It will be just great if, simultaneously with the transition to a healthy diet, you start taking Phytolight Plus. Already from the first day, slags and excess liquid will leave their homes, old fat will also be removed. Nutrition: exclude smoked, heavily salted, sweet foods, pastries, alcohol (except for a glass of dry red wine). Calorie content — about 2000 kcal per day.
  1. Breakfast: two ripe bananas (without astringent taste) and a glass of fermented milk product without filler (kefir, yogurt, varenets, ryazhenka).
  2. Lunch: vegetable soup (Bonn soup is ideal); a piece of fish, chicken or meat (boiled or steamed); stewed vegetables for garnish; a fresh vegetable salad. As a dressing, combine a tablespoon of olive oil, a spoonful of apple cider vinegar and a pinch of black pepper. Do not use mayonnaise at all.
  3. Snack: one fruit, green tea, cereal.
  4. Dinner: arrange no later, than 4 hours before bedtime; porridge on water without oil; slice of cheese.
  5. For the night:if you feel like you can't sleep, nibble on a carrot or drink half a glass of milk or kefir.
  • Second ten days. To quickly remove the stomach, ten days would be enough, but we need to get rid of it forever, so proceed to the second stage. In the middle of this stage, you will need other drugs, as the body is already ready to adjust to effective weight loss and uses the power of the natural ingredients Fitoslim Active and Carnivit Q10 with maximum efficiency. From the second stage, parting with the main reserves of fat will begin, problem areas will no longer be so noticeable. Meals: fruits, vegetables, nuts, low-fat dairy products, dried fruits.
  1. Breakfast: fruit salad with kefir dressing or natural yogurt; egg white omelet
  2. Lunch: raw vegetable salad; vegetable soup; a piece of boiled fish or chicken fillet; whole grain bread.
  3. Snack: nuts (no more than 50-60 g), one raw fruit or vegetable.
  4. Dinner: vegetables stewed without oil or baked potatoes with a slice of cheese.
  5. At night: milk with honey or kefir.
  • Third ten days. The task of this period is to consolidate the result and finally direct the body on a healthy way of getting rid of excess weight. Continue the course of Fitoslim Active and Karnivit Q10, they need to be taken for a month. Now you yourself will not strive for smoked, fatty and sweet, so there are no special instructions about nutrition. If you failed to quickly remove the stomach in the first twenty days, because it was too large, then try the next ten days to also follow a special diet.
  1. Breakfast: two large prunes, raisins, three dried apricots (all this must be soaked overnight in a cup of water); add two walnuts and a bowl of boiled oatmeal in the morning. You can also soak the hercules overnight with chopped dried fruits.
  2. Lunch: 200 g of steam fish or lean meat; cereal loaf and vegetable salad.
  3. Snack: banana and a glass of kefir or a slice of Borodino bread with cheese.
  4. Dinner: will do any of the first two decades.
  5. At night: any two fruits, except bananas.

This month will help to quickly remove the stomach, and Fitoslim Active and Carnivit Q10 will not allow him to settle back in his old place.

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