How to quickly gain weight 5 kg per week for men at home

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How to quickly gain weight 5 kg per week for men at home

We are used to hearing the completely opposite question, not how to gain weight, but how to lose 5 kg per week. If women have a sore subject of weight loss, then for some men the issue of weight gain is acute. We will tell you how to quickly gain weight at home and at the same time get well-developed muscles

There is an opinion that you need to eat a lot and often to gain weight. Our nutrition expert Diana Sorokina says otherwise, you don't need to overeat to gain weight. There is a special diet that allows any man to gain 5 kg per week. The main thing is to clearly follow all the points and you will definitely achieve results.

To gain weight quickly and as easily as possible, you need to start by eating food rich in plant fiber for breakfast. Try to stick to the nutrition system during the week.

A brief guide to weight gain for men

1. Breakfast is recommended to start with a glass of fruit juice, preferably fresh, but regular juice of good quality. After that, make a large portion of oatmeal. An easy way to prepare: soak the cereal in milk ahead of time. After they swell, add grated apple, honey and nuts to them. Hot cocoa is ideal to complete breakfast, you can drink two or even three mugs. Make a big sandwich with white bread and butter and top it off with cocoa.

2. Pay attention to the second breakfast. The most suitable time is 2-3 hours after the first. There are two options for the second breakfast diet. The first option consists of hot broth with yolk and a glass of freshly squeezed juice from any fruit. For the second option, a large sandwich with sausage, a glass of the highest fat yogurt you can find (preferably Fremer or organic), eat milk chocolate for dessert.

3. For lunch, prepare a vegetable salad with a rich dressing of high-fat sour cream or mayonnaise. Cook vegetable soup in strong chicken broth for the first. Meat with mashed potatoes or pasta is perfect for the second. Nutritionists recommend including pork. The side dish can be replaced, for example, with rice, but in this case, be sure to cook it with a creamy or sour cream sauce. Drink coffee with cream (cream, not milk). For dessert, eat some fruit of any kind.

4. Snack time is approximately 3 hours after lunch. Several food options are also recommended. The first option includes a salad with meat or chicken, seasoned with high-calorie mayonnaise, a large sausage or butter sandwich, and chocolate. The second option: pies with meat or mushrooms, a mug of hot tea with honey. Tea can be replaced with hot chocolate.

5. For dinner, a three-egg scrambled egg is perfect. Eat a large portion of fried potatoes, make a sausage sandwich. As a drink, fat milk will be excellent, two glasses are better.

6. A glass of warm milk and a regular apple are a great snack before bed.
The basis of weight gain is normal sleep and accustoming the body to breakfast. These factors contribute to gaining small but long-awaited kilograms in just a couple of weeks.

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