How to meet a guy at the gym


How to meet a guy at the gym

To find love, all means are good. Someone suddenly sharply takes a great interest in fishing and repairing a car with a visit to the places of «hanging out» of single men. Others spend long nights on dating sites. But we will be smarter — acquaintance in the gym and the figure will help to improve and have fun, and you can find a purposeful guy in great shape there, and not an uncle preoccupied with drinking beer. Let's get started!

How not to meet guys in the gym

Remember, a man goes to the gym to lift iron. He does not look around, and your curls and beautiful eyes will most likely give way to a free Smith car in his personal rating. In general, other gurus write that it is unrealistic to meet in the gym, but this is not so. The main thing is not to alienate potential prey.

Learn a few taboos

Don't dress up like a party, don't put on extremely sweet perfume, and don't do elaborate hair. Naturalness is a girl's best friend. A slick ponytail, waterproof mascara, tidied up brows, and unscented antiperspirant, and nothing else;

Don't mess with a man with smart muscle-building tips. Even if you are a professional trainer or a champion bodybuilder, it is rare for a guy to be happy to receive advice in the «Typically Male Area» from a girl;

Don't rush to disassemble the barbell for him, don't help him lift the weight, and don't stuff yourself into the «insurers». Such girls quickly move into the category of «their boyfriend» — a training partner whom no one perceives as a lady; seeks to “pick up” a man, and not to do fitness.

Three steps to the right acquaintance

1. Product — face

Go to the gym in a uniform that suits you and emphasizes the dignity of your figure. Leave dull powerlifting jerseys, as well as stretched jersey from your country wardrobe, leave at home. Choose a fairly bright, but unobtrusive form. And, we beg you, don't wear what doesn't suit you — cellulite hips don't look very good in shorts, puffy arms are best hidden with a suitable sleeve, but a beautiful bust should be emphasized with a reasonable neckline.

2. You go to the gym

Or at least pretend to be doing it. Don't stick around in the corner by the weight machines, and don't walk around looking bored. Hire a coach, let him make you a program. Further — in free swimming. Do the exercises yourself, and feel free to communicate unobtrusively with colleagues in the gym. For example, you can ask for help — well, move the bench there or show the exercise. Let your activity look natural, don't pester handsome men all day long.

3. Having noticed an object of interest, consider how you will approach it

Do not start with deliberately inappropriate and hackneyed phrases like “you are so strong”. Wait for the moment when he will rest and ask for help. Behave naturally, smile, but do not make eyes and do not immediately try to impose an acquaintance. Usually at this stage, if the guy is interested, he will get to know you himself. Well, if not, there are a lot of interesting men in the hall, and by improving your figure, you will have more chances. you.

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