How to lose weight if the weight is standing still

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How nice it is to realize that every day on the way to losing weight gives a little success — the arrow of the scales is slowly but steadily moving towards the intended goal. We are happy to feel the lightness in the body, we no longer want to break loose and give up everything, the kilograms are melting, and the mood is wonderful! But one day the arrow of the scales stops. It seems that everything is still the same — diet, regular exercise, but something has changed. What to do when this happens, and how to lose weight if the weight stays the same?


  1. Too much or too little
  2. The plateau effect
  3. Sleep everyone!

Too much or too little

At the beginning of any diet, we usually carefully count the number of calories and compare them with the energy expended per day. We spent more and ate less — and the result is not long in coming. But we are all human, and sooner or later such a serious approach gets boring. When the calorie content of the diet is slightly out of control, it is very easy to return to the previous figure on the scale. As a rule, weight stops when the caloric content of the diet begins to be equal to the amount of energy expended, because the intensity of training does not increase, but you eat a little more.

In this case, you can go one of two ways: either increase the load (training time, intensity of power consumption), or slightly reduce the calorie content of the diet (for example, make dinner lighter, give up snacks, and compensate for a small amount of the main dish with a large portion of salad from fresh vegetables).

How to lose weight if the weight stays the same

Another reason for stopping weight can be, on the contrary, too low a caloric content of the daily diet. If you eat too little for your weight and lifestyle, your body may take this as a sign of hunger and begin to stock up. In this case, the weight is no longer used up and new extra pounds may even appear, so there is no need to deceive the body — he will still outsmart you. If the weight stays the same for this reason, you can lose weight if you return to a normal healthy diet — no more than the body needs, but in no case less.

Effect «plateau»

Cases of «plateau» in losing weight are quite common: weight stops for unknown reasons, and almost nothing can be done about it. But each case is individual, and you just need to find out why exactly you are faced with a plateau. Sometimes the body gets used to the same diet, even if it is very effective and has already helped you get rid of a lot of extra pounds. The diet begins to be taken for granted, and weight loss stops. Nutritionists in this case recommend a little “play” with calories: do not make a sharp increase or decrease in the diet, but firstly, change the composition of the diet, and secondly, slightly vary the caloric content from day to day, for example, today 1200 kcal, tomorrow 1500 kcal , the day after tomorrow 1300 kcal, etc.

Another common case is getting used to the same workouts — trainers recommend changing the training program every four weeks, not only in the direction of increasing its duration or intensity, but simply changing its nature. Try to work other muscles, leave strength exercises for a while and do aerobic exercises, or even replace the gym with a pool or jogging.

Sometimes the body can simply get tired of an intensive weight loss program: in this case, the metabolism slows down, digestion worsens, and overall vitality decreases. In this case, you must definitely slow down the pace of weight loss, you do not need to turn the body into a driven horse, otherwise losing kilograms can result in health problems. Relax, choose feasible physical activities, such as walking or dancing, spend more time in the fresh air. Review your diet, add more fresh vegetables, fruits, fresh juices, natural dairy products to the menu, start taking vitamins. In this case, the natural natural preparation Fitoslim Active can become a wonderful support for the body, which not only returns strength and tone to the body, but also effectively restores metabolism and stimulates further weight loss.

Sleep everyone !

In pursuit of an ideal figure, we often forget about the things that our body needs even more than sports and proper nutrition. First of all, it is a dream. Losing weight takes a lot of physical and moral strength, which must be restored, and it is best to do this with the help of a good full sleep — at least 7-8 hours on weekdays and as much as you want on weekends. In addition, lack of sleep affects weight for another reason, because it is during sleep that the main production of the hormone cortisol, which controls our appetite, occurs.

That is why the expression “sleep less — ate more” has a completely scientific basis . If, due to intense physical activity, you have problems sleeping, try to follow the following tips: exercise no later than 3-4 hours before bedtime, you can take a relaxing bath or hot shower before bedtime, drink herbal tea or low-fat milk with honey, read a book or watch a good movie. And do not forget to spend time with family and children, meet friends, arrange shopping or small belly parties in your favorite cafe. Sometimes you can lose weight, even if the weight is standing still, just starting to enjoy life. A very effective way.

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