How to eat pasta and not get fat

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How to eat pasta and not get fat

Thinking about losing weight, girls first of all refuse flour, sweet and fatty foods. If the rejection of the last two positions is undeniable and it is really necessary not only to lose extra pounds, but also to maintain your physical shape, then it is impossible to deny the benefits of some flour products.

It is only important to understand in what quantities, what and at what time to eat. If you follow the figure, most likely, cereals and fruits will be the sources of carbohydrates on your table. But it would be useful to diversify your diet with pasta, which many refuse in vain. However, not all types of pasta are suitable for a person who cares about his body. if your health is important to you, you should be attentive to the little things, including the choice.

There are three groups — A, B, C, which are made from different types of flour.

Group A — pasta from durum wheat flour of the highest grade, group B — pasta from soft wheat flour, group C — pasta from baking wheat flour.

To find out the composition of pasta, when buying, pay attention to the label. You need pasta made from durum wheat flour to get quality carbohydrates.

They are the sources of slowly digestible carbohydrates that will maintain your energy level for a long time.

Amazing fact, but pasta contributes to the regeneration of muscle tissue due to the protein they contain, and eating this product replenishes our need for vitamins and trace elements, which ensure overall well-being even in the presence of intense exercise.

You won't get fat from pasta if you stick to your carb intake. For those who lead a sedentary lifestyle, one small serving of pasta in the morning is enough.

Well, those who actively train can afford 2 meals with pasta. It would also be useful to draw your attention to the fact that sauces that are used to enhance the taste contribute to the deposition of carbohydrates in fats.

So, the most important conclusions regarding pasta — observe the measure, choose the appropriate variety, and instead extra pounds you will get a quality source of energy.

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