How to double your productivity?


How to double your productivity?

Since I myself really like to learn something new and sometimes it is difficult to limit my time on the Internet, and especially in social networks. networks… ohhh…

But everyone has their own limits, and in terms of time, and in this article I want to share a couple of secrets on how to increase your productivity by 2 times, but not get tired.

And 2 laws will help me in this))

1. The Pareto Law.

The essence of the law: 20% of the effort, give 80% of the result. And this proportion works everywhere.

What benefits does it give if applied in life? Increases your productivity Focusing your attention on the essentials.

2. Parkinson's law.

The essence of the law: An important and urgent task, commensurate with the time allotted for its solution. From here the fashion for «deadlines» (the deadline for solving the problem) has gone.

What benefits does it give? Understanding that no matter how much you delay an important task for which 6 months are given, even if there are only 40 days left before the deadline, you will solve it.

Total: knowing and applying these 2 laws, you are guaranteed to increase your productivity 2 times.

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