How to buy a diploma if you “failed” the multitest?

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How can I buy a diploma if I

A prerequisite for admission to a Ukrainian university is the successful passing of a multitest. It consists of three items. Future students will have to test their knowledge of the Ukrainian language, mathematics and a specialized discipline to choose from. If the test is «overwhelmed», then there is only one way out — to buy a diploma of higher education. This will save you time.


  1. If you fail the multitest, you can always buy a diploma
  2. How can I buy a diploma?
  3. What types of diplomas are sold?

If you haven't passed the multitest, you can always buy a diploma

Thinking about higher education is possible after high school or college. However, an obstacle to knowledge is NMT, popularly called simply «multitest». This is a three-component knowledge testing. Alas, not everyone gets a passing score. In such situations, it is proposed to buy a diploma at the desired institution. It's fast and inexpensive!

How can I buy a diploma?

Many applicants experience problems with the multitest. Preparation for it requires a careful approach. It usually takes a year or more. But there are many who failed the test. Therefore, there are few alternatives: either buy a university diploma, or try to pass the test again. Purchase «crust» much simpler:


    • The application is submitted online. Today you can order absolutely any diploma. You are free to choose the university you want to specify, the period of study and the specialty.
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  • From the moment of receiving the application, no more than 24 hours pass for the preparation of the document. Delivery occurs to any area of ​​the country promptly by postal services or couriers.
    • < li style="text-align: justify;">Payment for the diploma occurs after receipt. In other words, you are given time to check the data, to make sure that you have a genuine document.


Another positive argument in favor of buying a higher education diploma is the low price. You will spend only 15,000 hryvnia, and in return you will receive an original document. It is made on the official letterhead of the State Sign, so it can confidently pass any check.

What types of diplomas are sold?

You can order any «crust» and various educational institutions. For example, the offer to buy a diploma from well-known universities is very popular. It's no secret that Ukraine is one of the centers of education.

Technical areas are especially attractive. How much does a diploma in metallurgist, aeronautical engineer or technician cost? In all cases, 15,000 hryvnia. If you are a foreigner, then you can buy a special diploma for foreign students. It is cheaper.

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