How to burn fat during aerobic exercise

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This is probably the most popular type of exercise that we choose to get rid of excess weight. But why is aerobics for weight loss not always effective, what mistakes do we make, and how to do it right? Let's try to understand these issues.

What is the essence of aerobics

Very often the essence of aerobics is misunderstood by us. It seems to us that if we do aerobics, then fat will begin to quickly leave problem areas, and we will get a beautiful toned figure. But in fact, this is only partly true, and often losing weight is not at all the way we would like.

How to get fat consumed during aerobics

Why is it so? To understand how to make weight loss really effective, you need to understand what happens in the body during exercise and how fat reserves are spent.

Three options are possible here:

  1. Fats begin to be spent after the carbohydrate stores in the muscles are no longer left. It is believed that it is enough for us for about half an hour of intense exercise, after which fats begin to be consumed as energy. That is, the duration of the lesson should be at least an hour! But in order to use the carbohydrate reserve, you need to engage in aerobic training mode. And for this you need to monitor your pulse: during training, it should always be in the range from 140 to 160 beats per minute. Do not forget that during the lesson you can not take breaks, stop and allow the heart rate to drop below 140 beats!
  2. Modern aerobics for weight loss provide for a periodic increase in the intensity of the workout, when your heart rate goes beyond 160 beats, and you exercise for several minutes at a heart rate close to the maximum for your age. At this time, your body switches from aerobic mode to anaerobic mode, that is, energy begins to be obtained without the participation of oxygen, and fats begin to be used as an energy source. This process is also called «second wind». The longer you are in anaerobic mode, the more your fat accumulation will burn. It is very easy to determine the maximum allowable heart rate for you: you need to subtract your age in years from 220, and you need to strive for this heart rate. But, if it is difficult for you to achieve such a heartbeat, do not be discouraged, because this is the maximum limit, and fats begin to burn already when the heart rate is 20-30 beats below it. Even five minutes of being in the anaerobic zone during a workout will be enough to start losing weight.
  3. This method is often used by athletes to get rid of excess fat. Its secret lies in the fact that if you take fat-burning complexes containing L-carnitine and Coenzyme Q10 during sports, then fats begin to be used as energy immediately as soon as physical activity begins and during the entire time of exercise there is an intensive consumption of fat. This is because these substances have the ability to transport fats to the mitochondria, where they are converted into energy. Contain L-carnitine and Coenzyme Q10 in Fitoslim Active or Carnivit Q10 complexes. Thus, taking these complexes, the load will be transferred much easier, and intensive weight loss will go on with each lesson.

As a result

The best effect for losing weight will be the use of all three ways to burn fat: training for at least an hour, periodically increasing the intensity of the exercise so that the pulse tends to the maximum, and taking fat-burning complexes.

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