How to attract money?


How to attract money?

Every day we all want to make good money, have a side job, we want large banknotes in our wallets. However, in this life a lot is given to someone, and nothing to someone. Someone does not believe in the magic of attracting money, relies on their own strength, but constantly fails. And someone decides to try, to believe that it works, and then life gets better. Life around you will change only when you do not just follow the steps described below, but believe that they will give you additional opportunities in life, attract the necessary financial resources.

Three coins.

If you are going to an important meeting, your material wealth depends on the outcome of the bark, then perform some witchcraft. Take three coins of the same denomination. For example, it can be five-ruble or two-ruble coins. Now we take three coins in one hand, toss them and watch how they fall. You need two coins to look at you as heads and one as tails. With each throw, you need to repeat: «Gamilon safrason.» As soon as you reach your goal, say out loud: «Vidmalah izgamu adon.» Now put the coin with the eagle on the table, do not turn it over, just transfer it from the floor to a hard, flat table surface. On top of this coin, put a coin tails and on top again an eagle. Now hide the coins in a secluded place where no one can disturb them. Your task is to keep this arrangement of money until the end of the important time for you. Everyone, consider that you have done half the work. However, do not forget that 50% of the successful outcome of events is in your hands, get together, concentrate on the upcoming conversation and go to the meeting.

Raising money.

To attract money to your family, to you specifically, you need to perform one effective magical ritual. To implement it, you will need green and white candles. We advise you to purchase products on a dense wide base. Those who can independently, without additional support, stand on the table. We put on the table, and at a distance of 20 centimeters from each other 2 candles: white and green. Now imagine that the white candle symbolizes you, and the green one is your success, stable financial standing, well-being. Light the candles with one match. First you light a white candle, and then a green one. Look at the fire for 10 minutes, then blow out the white candle first, then the green one. Do not throw away the match with which you lit the candles. Do not remove candles from the table, do not touch them with your hands during the day, make sure that none of your relatives touch objects. The next day at the same time, light the candles again with one match, move them 2 centimeters closer to each other, wait 10 minutes, look at the fire. As a result, after 10 days your items should come into contact with each other. As soon as the candles stand nearby, perform the sacrament for the last time. Tie two candles with a gold ribbon, put them away together with the matches with which the talisman was lit in a dark place. Now you can wait for your money, which is currently in transit, to arrive at your place.

Return your money.

Who among us has not dreamed of spending money in such a way that after a while they always come back to us? Today it is possible. You will need a green candle and paper bills. The more denomination the bills have, the higher your well-being will be. So, we lay out the bills around the candle, light the candle. We imagine how green smoke from a candle envelops our banknotes, how they absorb the aroma of paraffin. Now we put out the candle, collect bills. I put the bills in my wallet. Be sure that when paying for purchases with this money, you do not say goodbye to money, but say goodbye to it. After a while, the bills will return to you again. The center of attraction for this money will be a candle, which must be lit every day for a few minutes. So, the flame, like a magnet, will return your banknotes to you again and again.

Magic circle.

We take a white thick rope. We order 4 green candles. Now in the center of the room we place the rope in such a way that it forms a vicious circle. On four sides behind the circle we place candles, we light them from one match. Now turn off the light, stand in the center of the circle, raise your head up with your hands. Imagine that the door of abundance has opened for you. Now banknotes, credit cards, checks, money certificates, etc. are falling on you from above. Don't be too greedy. However, your abundance of money should not go beyond the circle outlined by the rope. After a while, open your eyes, stop the flow of money, step over the rope, put out the candles. This visualization should be carried out as often as possible, then the money will go to you along the open road.

Folk traditions to attract money.

All peoples have their own beliefs that are associated with raising funds. So, for example, you can buy three green candles, light them every Wednesday for 10-15 minutes. In this case, financial well-being will not bypass your home. On Thursday, you can use yellow and red candles for the same purpose. Buy three red carnations and put them on the north side of your house. Also, to attract money, you can keep a broom in the house, placing it with a broom upstairs.

The tradition of saving copper coins can work against you.

Pay special attention to the fact that the piggy bank does not stand at the head of the bed. If you want to save money, then fold paper bills, but not copper ones. Surely, every person knows that it is necessary to borrow money on a growing moon. At the same time, we always take money with our left hand, and give it with our right. This behavior will help you create the right relationship between you and the money. Maybe this will not bring you much benefit, but it will help to save you from unnecessary monetary losses.

Money talismans.

Each person has his own talismans that contribute to financial enrichment. We offer you one of the strongest. Find a white bivalve shell on the ocean or buy it in a store. Place a 5-ruble coin tails up in the shell. Now put 3 drops of basil essential oil on the tails. We take a green candle, light it. You need to fill a white shell with paraffin from a candle. In this case, the paraffin should completely hide the coin. When the shell has cooled down, remove it to your desktop, where you conduct your business, negotiate, communicate with business partners. After a while, your work will go uphill.

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