How some countries fight against obese people


How in some countries they fight against people with obesity

Governments of many countries are fighting obesity of citizens. But there are also countries where officials are taking particularly harsh measures against people who are overweight.

Thus, since 2008, Japan has a law under which civil servants and employees of enterprises aged 40 to 75 are required to undergo an annual medical examination with waist measurement. If the waist circumference exceeds 80 cm for women and 90 cm for men, then the person will be given the condition to lose weight, then a fine for a large amount follows, and in the future, simply dismissal. This process is monitored by phone or email.

In New Zealand, a South African woman was denied residency because her body mass index was «too high». As officials explained, this will create a strain on the local health care system, as obese people have a higher risk of developing health problems. Therefore, the migrant was offered to either lose 30 kilograms or return to her homeland.

In Mexico, obese people commit to exercise and make timely visits to a nutritionist. The country also has a tax on junk food. So, fast food in Mexico is much more expensive than healthy food. And in school and children's institutions, it is generally forbidden to sell harmful products. The cause of obesity may be a mutation in the gene, about this here Scientists have found out which diet makes you lose weight quickly, read here

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