How much water should you drink? Properties of water with lemon for weight loss

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How Much Water Should You Drink? Benefits of Lemon Water for Weight Loss

In the 1970s, athletes were advised not to take any liquids while exercising, as it was believed that this burdens the digestive system and, as a result, impairs performance.

Today, fortunately, we know that this theory was not true, and that fluid intake is extremely important both for athletes during exercise, and above all for every person during the day.


  1. How much water to drink?
  2. What are the benefits of drinking water — effects
  3. Lemon water for weight loss

How much water to drink?

It is assumed that for every kilogram of body weight, 30 ml of water should be drunk. But let's face it — counting up to a milliliter of liquid drunk during the day is unpleasant. It is generally accepted to drink about 2 liters of water per day.

First of all, it should be borne in mind that our body constantly loses water through sweat, urine or feces. For example, the more we sweat on a hot day or as a result of intense training, we must provide our body with more water.

What is the use of drinking water effects

Water is responsible for the integrity of all body cells, provides blood flow, removes metabolic products, regulates body temperature, moisturizes mucous membranes, moisturizes the skin, supports digestion, regulates acid-base balance and much more.

Water with lemon for weight loss

Water with lemon is the perfect combination that moisturizes the body and provides vitamins contained in the fruit. In addition, this drink also has properties for weight loss — it speeds up metabolic processes.

In addition, thanks to the pectins contained in lemon, it can to some extent prevent snacking between meals.

When you drink water with lemon on an empty stomach, your bowel activity can be improved, thus avoiding constipation and feeling of heaviness.

If you combine drinking water with lemon during weight loss along with a calorie deficit, you should quickly notice effect in weight loss.

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