How does weight loss happen? Effective Fat Burning Methods

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How does weight loss work? Effective fat burning methods

Weight loss (or fat burning) occurs when the body, in order to produce energy begins to use the existing deposits. It's not easy to get him to do it. You need to create a shortage of calories consumed with food. This will cause a lack of energy in the body, which it will fill with fat.

There are 2 types of energy source — glycogen and fat.

The former are much easier to convert, so the body uses it first. It is because of this that any workout should last at least half an hour, otherwise it will not come to burning fat.

Stages of weight loss

Fats are a reserve of the body, so he is reluctant to part with them. They also begin to be consumed only with at least moderate loads, so the workouts are long and provide the necessary load. There are tools that can speed up these processes. For example, Fito Liposaktor drops for weight loss. They, like other fat-burning drugs, accelerate lipid metabolism and increase the production of hormones responsible for fat consumption. How is weight loss going? At first, our body only loses water, so if we stop exercising or proper nutrition, the weight immediately returns. A little later, the amount of muscle mass begins to decrease. This process is accompanied by the release of cortisol, the stress hormone. Hence increased irritability, loss of vigor. Therefore, during weight loss, you need to sleep more in order to have time to restore strength. Metabolism accelerates to finally gain a foothold at this level. In general, the process of losing weight can be broken down into 3 stages: Rapid weight loss (water and muscles leave) Slow weight loss (slow fat burning begins) Fixing stage (the accelerated metabolism remains working in a new mode) It is wrong to expect that your weight will go away evenly. But many, noticing that weight loss has almost stopped, do not have the strength to wait for the final result.

Methods for burning fat

What are the ways to achieve rapid weight loss? The combination of a balanced diet and exercise is best. Low-calorie diets only slow down the metabolism, as does fasting. Among the workouts, strength training is the worst. Therefore, it is worth paying attention to aerobic exercise: running, swimming, cycling, walking.

A sufficient amount of water in the body can speed up metabolic processes. Every day you need to drink about 8 glasses to establish water balance. The body has to burn more calories when consuming chilled drinks, but you should not be zealous here. Metabolic processes go faster in the presence of hot spices in food. Medications can also help here. For example, if you read the reviews of doctors about Phyto Liposactor, you can see that they advise girls to lose weight with this particular remedy. It normalizes the digestive tract, cleanses the body and activates fat-burning processes. Weight loss is faster in people with large muscle mass. Therefore, build it up at the same time during regular classes, so you start the metabolic processes.

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