Homemade apple marshmallows: a simple gelatin recipe


Homemade apple marshmallows: a simple gelatin recipe

Treat yourself and your loved ones with homemade apple marshmallows on gelatin. Earlier in the article «Healthy sweets» we wrote how useful marshmallows made from applesauce are. This time we will tell you how to cook marshmallows.


Gelatin — 25 g,
Apples — 4 pcs,
Sugar — 300 g,
Egg white — 1 pc,
Water — 80 ml,
Food coloring — optional
Icing sugar — optional


Soak gelatin in 80 ml of water and give it swell.
After peeling and cutting the apples into medium pieces, send them to bake in the oven for 5 minutes. (oven temperature 180 degrees)
Add sugar to the baked apples and beat with a blender into applesauce. Adding egg white to applesauce, beat with a mixer. If desired, you can add food coloring.
Add the gelatin dissolved in water to the whipped puree, and beat again with a mixer.
Put the finished marshmallow mass in a pastry bag and put it on a baking sheet or dish covered with parchment paper. Marshmallows leave to dry for 24 hours. Ready marshmallow halves can be sprinkled with powdered sugar. Delicious dessert is ready! The recipe for homemade halva is here. Read about other useful sweets here

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