Google warned employees about some inadequacy of chatbots


Google warned employees about some inadequacy of chatbots

Google is concerned about the use of chatbots in its subsidiary Alphabet. Under suspicion even own Bard. However, the rest of the world is actively being sucked in by AI.

Google advised employees not to enter their own sensitive data into chatbots. The policy is explained by security, writes xrust. After all, AI testers have discovered an amazing thing — the fruits of learning are sometimes used by Bard and ChatGPT. In other words, by customizing a chatbot using your own life facts, you can make them available to the «universe».

However, the most annoying thing is the warning about the thoughtless use of programs generated by chatbots. They should be carefully analyzed. They, of course, help programmers, but require special attention. Unfortunately, Google did not let the facts leak to the Internet by warning employees.

Alarming staff, Google seeks to harm business with software. After all, by compromising itself, the corporation will lose multibillion-dollar investments, which will leave OpenAI and Microsoft.

Note that such wariness of Google reflects a general trend — corporations have already begun to warn the contingent working with AI. For example, Samsung, Amazon, Deutsche_Bank have limited the list of issues solved by artificial intelligence.

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