Gold is preferable to the dollar, bankers say


Gold is preferable to dollar, bankers state

Gold is increasingly prevailing in the reserves of banks in different countries. The love for the dollar was destroyed by anti-Russian sanctions launched by the West. Financiers learn fast.

Gold always rises in price, writes xrust. But securities and even the dollar are losing weight. This feature was fixed last year by the collapse of the financial market. Severe inflation hurt sovereign finances, warning countries that only losses lie ahead — the economy is in decline.

The beginning of the decade, bankers believe, will be worse in terms of inflation than the previous one. Undoubtedly, gold will remain afloat. Emerging market papers will also be a good help. Concerning the last, however, too there were doubts. After all, the arrest of Russian reserves showed the unreliability of such investments.

Financiers recommend even storing gold in domestic banks located on their territory. Already today, 60% of bankers said they prefer gold reserves. These 68% of creditors keep at home. Previously, this figure was 50%.

One of the Central Banks recently confessed to the press: they always kept gold in London. Now they have moved to their place.

Other news. Russia interferes with the Americans in Syria — here. China launched the OS — here. Road repair is there.

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