From what foods does the stomach grow

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From what products, the belly grows

For those who want to lose weight, sometimes it’s not enough just to go to the gym.

We have to introduce certain restrictions on food. However, ordinary fasting will do more harm than good.

Therefore, it is necessary to understand from what foods the belly grows, it is here that the main excess fat accumulates.

Such products, in fact not so much.

These are: fats of animal origin; sugar; Wheat flour. Animal fats are found in pork and sausages. But it is hardly worth giving up meat altogether!

Replace pork with beef or lamb. Better than poultry meat. These types of meat are usually lean. And if they contain fat, then, unlike pork, it is not deposited in the human body, but is immediately absorbed. And the excess is excreted from the body naturally.

Sugar is found in a lot of foods. Therefore, limit their use. And from candy, in principle, you can generally refuse. You are not a child!

The same applies to flour products and pastries, which are doubly dangerous, as they contain both flour and sugar. You can live without them too! If possible, replace the roll with brown bread.

But no restrictions will help if you eat without a break. Keep a strict diet. Otherwise, no diet will help you!

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