France conducted the first test of a hypersonic airframe


France conducted first test of a hypersonic glider

France launched a hypersonic glider for the first time. The technology is unknown to French rocket scientists. Creating a missile that can overcome any air defense is quite attractive.

France has created the first version of a stray missile moving at hypersonic speeds, writes xrust. Last Monday, the glider of the future launch vehicle was tested. The project was named VMAX. The launch took place from the Bay of Biscay — the Biscarosse test site.

Now French engineers are studying the test results. The prototype, they state, moved along a wandering trajectory. The creators do not provide other details.

In 2019, France and ArianeGroup signed a contract for the VMAX project — the creation of a hypersonic glider of a demonstration line. Such gliders fly along a complex trajectory at a speed of Mach 5. Other nuclear powers have similar projects.

A glider is usually launched by a rocket tens of kilometers from the Earth, undocked with a launch vehicle and moves on hypersonic. Developments are being adapted to various warheads — nuclear, conventional.

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