Formulator Tarsia: Math Puzzles


Formulator Tarsia: Math Puzzles

Formulator Tarsia is an open source software for creating mathematical puzzles such as crosswords, jigsaw puzzles, mazes, task cards, etc. This tool allows teachers and students to create interactive games and math learning activities.
Formulator Tarsia has a simple and intuitive user interface that makes it easy to create and customize puzzles. You can add different types of tasks such as numerical tasks, geometry tasks, etc. In addition, the software allows you to export puzzles to various formats such as HTML, PDF, RTF, and more.
Formulator Tarsia also allows you to create puzzles in multiple languages, making it convenient to use in international classrooms and schools. In addition, it supports many mathematical symbols and formulas, making it possible to create more complex tasks.

Formulator Tarsia is free software that can be downloaded from the official website. It is available for use on Windows, Mac and Linux. What's more, there is an online version that allows you to create puzzles right in your browser, without the need to download software.

Using Formulator Tarsia in the classroom can be very helpful in improving students' math skills. It can help them develop math problem solving skills as well as visualize math concepts. In addition, creating puzzles can be a fun and effective way to test understanding of learning material, as well as problem solving and critical thinking.

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