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Fitness for weight loss

The schedule of sports centers can shock any unprepared person. Colorful tables with the names of fitness areas look as incomprehensible as Mendeleev's periodic system. The eye is lost in numerous columns of unfamiliar foreign words — city jam, flex, slide … Over the past ten years, so many types of training have appeared that it is simply impossible to try everything.


  1. What you need to know about fitness
  2. What to take to help
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What you need to know about fitness

The names of sports areas may sound different, but the principle by which fitness for weight loss works is very simple — during training, you need to burn more calories than you consume with food. The number of calories burned directly depends on the type of training, its duration, intensity, etc. and so on. All types of fitness training use cardio (aerobic) and strength training. Different programs have a preference for one of them or offer different combinations of them.

Fitness for weight loss

Cardio workouts help you burn calories while exercising by increasing your heart rate and blood circulation. Imposing pedaling of an exercise bike will not give a result — training must be intense. Listen to your body when you are already sweaty, but able to carry on a conversation — this is the optimal load for burning fat. But do not even dream of finding the perfect exercise that will quickly process the cake eaten the day before. The only way to get rid of fat — it is proper nutrition and a combination of cardio and strength training.

Fitness for Weight Loss

Strength training increases muscle tissue, as well as speeds up metabolism, which allows your body to efficiently use fat for energy.

What to bring to help

To facilitate the process of losing weight, and direct it in the right direction, you can use the achievements of modern pharmacology. Preparations such as Carnivit Q10 will direct weight loss in a safe and natural way, help to cope with stress. Its safe active ingredients (coenzyme Q10, L-carnitine, vitamin E and alpha lipoic acid) will help your body respond to workouts with joy and vigor, and not react with fatigue and sore muscles. In addition, it is the presence of these substances in the body that allows you to process fats into energy. You will see for yourself that the correction of such complex areas as arms, hips, abdomen, waist, sides will be more effective, and the skin will retain elasticity.

Slimming Fitness

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