Fighters did not protect Washington from civilian aircraft


Fighters did not protect Washington from a civilian aircraft

F-16 fighters chased a civilian aircraft that violated the sky over Washington. The case ended with his fall in the mountains of Virginia.

The fighters intercepting a civilian plane over Washington excited the American capital with characteristic pops — they broke the sound barrier, writes xrust.

On board the pursued Cessna were four. The design capacity of a small aircraft is 12 passengers. The fighters, having terrified the inhabitants of Washington, did nothing, and the civilian plane crashed in the mountains of Virginia. No one survived.

Cessna has been registered with Melbourne's Encore Motors. The owner of the resource told reporters that his daughter, grandson, and nanny were flying. The military tried to contact the pilot, but there was no answer. Experts believe that the plane was on autopilot. The interceptors certainly didn't cause it to crash.

The Cessna took off from the local Tennessee airport. The pilot's target was Long Island Airport. He almost reached her, but then turned around. Now the investigators have to deal with the details.

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