Extreme tourism

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Extreme tourism

Do you like to relax on the sea coast?

Then you are probably familiar with many water activities that exist today. In Soviet times, calm boat trips or catamarans were popular on the coastal coasts;In the nineties, other entertainment began to appear, on many beaches you could find water slides or ride on an inflatable banana. A little later, jet skis came into fashion, which could race at breakneck speed across the water surface.

You could also see the beauty of the sea coast from a bird's eye view, flying on a hang glider or parachute.

Extreme activities such as wakeboarding and kitesurfing are becoming more and more popular.

It is often enough to ride a board once to want to do it regularly and on a professional basis.

For wakeboarding you will need a wetsuit, a life jacket and the wakeboard itself.

The production of such equipment is carried out by companies that produce goods for outdoor activities. If you are not yet ready to engage in such activities regularly and buy equipment, you can rent everything you need.

When choosing a kite, you should pay attention to such characteristics as wind range, number of lines and vertical power. In any case, for safety reasons, it is advisable to have a wetsuit and a vest. No need to resort to unjustified risks, especially in extreme entertainment.

In any case, you will get adrenaline and positive emotions!

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