Exercises for slimming thighs and buttocks

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The possession of beautiful, elastic, toned buttocks and strong, slender legs gives a woman a number of advantages over rivals with less attractive forms. Moreover, strong, beautiful gluteal and femoral muscles are the key to healthy legs and reproductive organs! This article addresses questions that interest those who dream of improving their thighs and buttocks.


  1. The ideal butt, and how it should be
  2. Ideal hip measurements
  3. Exercise 1
  4. Exercise 2
  5. Exercise 3

The ideal butt, and what it should be

Beautiful buttocks should ideally consist entirely of muscles. They should not have manifestations of cellulite and a noticeable fat layer. Also an important factor is the “bulge” of the buttocks, their beautiful and pleasantly embossed shape.

Parameters of ideal hips

From antiquity, a simple formula for finding the size of ideal hips has come down to us. The circumference of the thigh, according to the canons of beauty, should be 1.5 of the circumference of the lower leg. Modern mass media dictate their own rules. And there are many more factors that characterize the ideality of the hips:

  • If you visually divide the thigh into three equal parts from the knee to the groin, then the widest part should be in the upper third.
  • In profile, the ideal thigh protrudes forward, deepening towards the knee.
  • Legs, “decorated” with regular hips, are in harmony with the figure.

Exercise 1

Sit on the floor, bend your knees, try to pull your feet as close to your hips as possible. The palms behind are rested on the floor. From this position, slowly alternately move your knees to the left and right, while trying to touch the floor with them. The exercise is repeated 10-20 times.

Exercises for slimming thighs and buttocks

This exercise is suitable for everyone at an early stage, when there is still little success in losing weight, and the muscles are not used to stress. Try to do this exercise 2-3 times a day and soon you will notice that the strength of your hips has increased. And this is the first step on the difficult path of destroying extra pounds.

Exercise 2

Lying on your back, press your feet to the floor. Stretch your arms along the body with your palms down. Try to touch your heels with your fingertips. As you inhale, try to raise your pelvis as high as possible. Tighten your buttocks. As you exhale, lie down on the floor. Number of repeats — 10-20.

This exercise isolates the gluteal muscles and makes them overflow with blood, strain, and therefore develop. In conjunction with other exercises, this «isolation» will help you achieve maximum results in minimum time!

Exercise 3

The following exercise for slimming the hips and buttocks is the most popular. Rather, it is a set of exercises that complement each other, and this system really works:

  • Sit back. Hold a small ball with the insides of your feet. Squeeze it as long as you can, make the most of it! Repeat this exercise, squeezing the ball with the insides of your knees. Try to alternate the types of exercise: feet-knees, etc. This will develop the various muscles in your thighs.
  • When your hips get tired, move on to the next exercise. It is obscenely simple, but very effective! Lie on your stomach and … alternately squeeze your buttocks. Try to do it as quickly as possible. Believe me, this is not only useful, but also quite pleasant!
  • Now stand against the wall. Imagine that you want to sit on a chair. Lower and lower until your hips are horizontal. The back is pressed against the wall. Try to stay as long as possible. This static exercise strongly develops the hips and buttocks. Excess fat seems to be leaving your body. Over time, when the muscles are strong enough, you can move away from the wall and stand in a kind of “chair” position without support.

In conclusion, I would like to remind you that losing weight is not as difficult as it seems. But the most problematic areas that lose weight late — these are the thighs and buttocks.

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