Emotions of a woman


Emotions of a woman

Everything is fine understand that a woman is a volcano of emotions that is very difficult to cope with, and it is better not to try to do it at all, especially if these are negative emotions. You just need to make these emotions work for you, then everything will be fine in your relationship.

If a woman is depressed about something or she just feels bad, then you need to go up and talk to her, listen carefully, support her and tell a similar story, only with a happy ending. Soothe her, hold her close and kiss her gently. Well, then the kiss can begin to grow from tender to passionate and off we go.

If the girl is very angry, then you need to take the whole blow on yourself, and you need to specifically substitute yourself — then the girl will take out all the negativity on you or you even quarrel a little, you will be offended by her — then conciliatory sex. What could be better?

If a woman is tired, then you need to take care of her. We make a cup of coffee, ask her to lie down and do an erotic massage, which is smoothly combined with kisses on the neck, ears …

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