Effective training for weight loss

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Effective workout for weight loss< /p>
Eat This, Not That provides coach Tyler Reed's recommendations for effective bodyweight training for weight loss.

In order to achieve the desired result in losing weight, in addition to diets, it is imperative to do special exercises that will effectively speed up your metabolism and burn serious calories.

The specialist advises doing squats with jumps, push-ups , burpee. Forward lunges with knees bent to 90 degrees are also effective. “Take a big step forward with your right foot, then lower your back knee toward the ground until it is about two inches off the floor,” notes Tyler Reed. The coach notes that each exercise should be performed for 30 seconds, with a mandatory rest break of 15 seconds.

The end of the workout should be a 50 or 100 meter sprint. “Sprinting is an incredibly effective way to speed up your metabolism, burn some serious calories, improve your athletic performance, and even build muscle,” Reed explains. Tyler Reed's tips for getting rid of belly fat, read here

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