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Eastern diet

Oriental diet: menu For people who are overweight, the oriental diet will help bring their figure back to normal.

It has two options that differ in the menu and the time of the event. But with all this, they are united by one principle — the mandatory consumption of protein foods up to 300 g per day, since this is the main component for the normal functioning of the body


  1. Oriental diet menu (first option)
  2. Second variant of the Oriental diet menu
  3. Oriental diet conclusion

Menu Eastern diet (first option)

The menu of the first variant of the oriental diet is designed for 10 days, contributes to the loss of 4-5 kg ​​of weight, and such a diet can be repeated only after 4 months. These days, only drinking does not fall under the restriction. You should eat strictly by the hour:

8. 00 — coffee or tea (200 ml), sugar cube

11. 00 — hard boiled egg, dried prunes or fresh plums (8 pcs.)

14. 00 — a piece of boiled lean meat (200 g), sometimes you can replace it with milk sausages, a side dish of carrots and cabbage (preferably fresh) (100g), one apple or orange.

20. 00 — kefir or curdled milk (250 ml).

The second variant of the eastern diet menu

The menu of the second variant of the oriental diet is more varied, but also low in calories. Despite this, the products provide the body with enough vitamins, minerals, carbohydrates, fats and proteins. The main thing in this type of diet is the maximum consumption of vegetables and rice, which performs a cleansing function of the body. During this period, it is forbidden to eat sweets and drink alcohol.

This oriental diet will last a week, and a second course should be done in 2-3 months.

1 day

breakfast — fresh cabbage (150 g), mineral water (250 ml)

lunch — boiled rice (4 tablespoons), grated carrots (150 g) and olive oil for salad, mineral water (250 ml)

dinner — boiled fish (150g) , a slice of black bread, as well as green salad leaves.

Day 2

breakfast — rice porridge with milk (250 g), apple juice (200 ml)

lunch — boiled fish (200 g), apples, pears and oranges for salad, peach or orange juice (200 ml)

dinner — fried lean meat (200 g), a slice of bread, lettuce (4 pieces), sprinkled with lemon juice, orange

Day 3

breakfast — apples, pears , oranges, bananas for salad (200 g), orange juice (200 g)

lunch — boiled beans (250 g), cabbage and lemon juice for salad (150 g), a slice of bread, mineral water (250 ml)

dinner — fried mushrooms (250 g), medium-sized boiled potatoes, mineral water

4 day of the Eastern diet

breakfast — apple juice (200 ml), apple and orange

lunch — cauliflower (boiled) with rice (200 g), large apple, a slice of bread, mineral water

dinner — boiled potatoes (2 pcs.), Boiled fish (200 g), as well as a slice of bread, mineral water

Day 5

breakfast — rice porridge with milk (200 g), mineral water


lunch — shredded cabbage and seaweed for salad (200 g), a slice of bread, mineral water

dinner — green salad, cabbage, carrots and vegetable oil for salad (200 g), rice flour cake, mineral water

Day 6

breakfast — grated carrots and vegetable oil for salad ( 200 g), a slice of bread, mineral water

lunch — a salad of cabbage, carrots, lettuce and celery (200 g), a slice of bread, apple juice (200 ml)

dinner — boiled rice (100 g), lettuce, another half of grapefruit and mineral water

Day 7

breakfast — apples, prunes, apricots for salad (200 g), mineral water

lunch — rice with small pieces of fruit (150 g) and honey (1 tbsp), mineral water

dinner — boiled fish (150 g), seaweed for salad (200 g), a slice of bread, mineral water.

Oriental diet conclusion

You can choose any menu option offered by the oriental diet. The main thing to remember is that the way to lose weight should not harm your health.

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