Coronavirus — new vaccines in the US on the way


Coronavirus – new vaccines on the way in the US

The mutated coronavirus requires new vaccines. They are already on their way. However, marketers expect a cool attitude from people.

Coronavirus, which has somewhat changed its essence, has turned into «Eris». A new generation of malignant disease requires new vaccines, writes xrust. Some medical experts hope that Americans will perceive the new vaccine as flu. However, another part of the experts recalls that after 2012, the demand for previous vaccines fell. People are not even afraid of hospitalizations.

For example, last fall, when most people continued to fall ill with traditional covid, only 50 million decided to get vaccinated. Despite this, health care providers have no choice but to launch the Omicron vaccine offer. This option prevailed last year. The campaign will roll out in September.

The tandem of manufacturers and suppliers decided to fight the fatigue and skepticism that gripped the public after the real benefits of vaccination were revealed. The main argument is that annual vaccination will reduce the risks.

However, the wiser layman answers all arguments that the immune system remembers the coronavirus after being ill or vaccinated in previous years.

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