China rejects US Defense Secretary's visit


China Declined visit of the head of the US Department of Defense

China rejected the US idea of ​​a meeting of the heads of the Department of Defense. The Americans proposed negotiations at a rally in Singapore. The event was planned for the weekend.

China, according to the Pentagon press secretariat, tonight declined the Secretary of State's invitation to meet with the Chinese Defense Minister, writes xrust. The American military department is saddened by the obstacles placed against open communication. Such a tactic promises to escalate into a conflict.

Last week, a White House spokesman told the press that talks were underway between the newly appointed head of the Chinese Defense Ministry. The purpose of contacts is a meeting. It will help relieve tension between the largest economies.

Last week turned out to be a conflict in the field of trade as well. The minister of this department distinguished himself with sharp statements about American policy in the markets, in investments, and exports. Analysts are very concerned about the decisive actions of the Chinese, but remind that US sanctions marked the beginning of such a relationship.

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